Garments and  Bags, made in Nepal

On wholesale price we can offer you a variety of quality garments and bags that are handmade in Nepal.


We make different handmade Nepalese garments, such as:

  • dresses
  • skirts
  • summer clothing
  • jackets
  • trousers
  • tank tops
  • half sleeve shirts for ladies
  • short sleeve shirts for ladies


We also make many different handmade bags, such as:

  • cotton bags
  • silk bags
  • hemp bags
  • brocade bags
  • jewelry bags
  • passport covers
  • Japa Mala bags
  • traditional Nepalese Thaili bags


Promotional Bags

For business purposes we can manufacture and export promotional bags as well. You can use these bags for example as give away bags, shopping bags and gift bags.

These promotional bags may be cotton, hemp or brocade that we can offer in a wide variety of attractive colors and designs.

 Eco Friendly

YES! We are proud that we sell trendy bags that are ecofriendly.

About Export Nepals

Export Nepals is fully approved by and a license holder under the Ministry of Cottage and Small industries, Inland Revenue Department and His Majesty’s Government of Nepal.


We deliver you our garments & bags worldwide via our express delivery system by DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT ARAMEX and EMS EXPRESS.

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